Summing up activity of Administration NSR for 2017

The NSR Administration has summed up the results of the activity for previous year. During 2017 the NSR Administration  has  given 662 permissions to vessels on navigation in the water area of NSR, including 107 permissions have been given to the vessels floating under a foreign flag. Notices of refusal in deliveries of permission was only two though in a permission consequence these vessels have been given out.
In total in 2017 in the water area of NSR maritime vessels (without transit vessels) have transported  9 737 559 (nine million seven hundred thirty seven thousand five hundred fifty nine) tons of various freights. And transportations by river crafts have reached 797 191 (seven hundred ninety seven thousand hundred ninety one) tons of freights. Transit vessels have transported 194 364 (hundred ninety four thousand three hundred sixty four) tons of freights.
Also records on a cargo transportation have been set. For example, on the speed of passing of the water area of  NSR by transit vessels. The vessel "Baltic Winter" which has left the Chinese port Taytsang  for  the German port Bremerhaven has spent for transit of the water area of NSR of only 5.6 days.
Here, it should be noted also increase in duration of the period of winter navigation regarding late navigation of vessels in east part of the water area of NSR. A striking example of that are navigation of vessels of "Boris Vilkitsky" and "Fedor Litke" which have entered the water area of NSR through the Bering Strait on November 13 and on December 08 respectively. And, where to get to without record in this field? The vessel "Eduard Toll" there has successfully passed SMP, having entered the water area through the Bering Strait the latest of vessels, on December 25, 2017.
From significant events of 2017 it should be noted in the end of the year the start in operation of the Yamal LNG plant constructed on the Yamal coast of Gulf of Ob. From the port of Sabetta in December, 2017 shipments of the liquefied gas on “Sovcomflot” gas carriers have begun. Before, within several years, freights for construction of this plant and the port of Sabetta were delivered through the water area of NSR.
For the purpose of navigation-hydrographic and hydrometeorological informing the navigators who were carrying out navigation in the water area of  NSR, the NSR Administration  during 2017 has published 78 COASTAL WARNIG EAST and 163 COASTAL  WARNIG  WEST, 248 synoptic forecasts and 260 analytical and forecast ice charts for four NSR seas. On problem areas of the NSR long-term ice forecasts were published, all eight long-term thirty daily forecasts have been published. 
It should be noted the exceptional case of ice processes and the phenomena occurring in the water area of NSR in last year. So, for all winter in Vilkitsky Strait fast ice wasn't formed. And during the summer period of navigation the dense concentration of icebergs in the passage was noted and on approaches to him, between from longitude 95 ° E to 122 ° E, at the same time creating for navigators a risk of a meeting with icebergs.
The general course of  ice cover in the NSR seas in 2017 differed from the previous 2016 in earlier, on average on a half-month, the beginning of processes of thawing of ices and clarification of the water area of NSR from ices, but also and earlier beginning of processes of  forming of ice. The course of  ice cover of 2017 in the water area of NSR has practically repeated the course of  ice cover of 2015 though its minimum value having as usual for September in 2015 on 200 000 was less, than in 2017. 
The next summer minimum of ice cover of 4 620 000 in the Arctic (Northern polar region) was observed on September 12. It is the 7th in size at least during observations of 1978-2017. It is possible to note that the general ice conditions in the water area of NSR during summer Arctic navigation of 2017 for navigation of vessels developed favorably.


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